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At Ian Turner Digital, we have Copywriting Specialists with a talent for creating fresh, clean, and engaging copy that draws in your visitors and sells your products & services.

Our copywriters are passionate about creating bespoke, hand-crafted copy. This copy connects with your website visitors and increases your conversion rate while improving your search engine rankings.

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Expert Copywriting

Engage your website visitors with a perfectly written copy. Tell a story that captures your brand’s message, elevates your business, and tells your story.

When website copy is underwhelming, you’re missing conversion opportunities. Building relationships with your website visitors is the key to online success. If your website copy is poorly written and not optimized, your website rankings in search results could suffer.

We write compelling copy for blogs, landing pages, eCommerce product descriptions, or complete websites. Our professional copy is checked and guaranteed free of plagiarism to give you a market edge.

We Care About Your Copy

We’ve created bespoke website copy for businesses across Canada & the USA. We pride ourselves on the pursuit of excellence. We genuinely care about the success of your business, and we build our relationships with transparency & trust.

How do We Handcraft Amazing Copy the Converts?

Our bespoke website copy gets strategically curated. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the forefront to ensure your keywords & keyword phrases target what your customers are searching for online.

Consistency shows a consistent brand message throughout your website. We create copy that sells by connecting your visitors with a strong brand image while fulfilling the ultimate purpose.

Precisely Researched

Uncovering common sales objections amongst your target audience is a key focus. Effectively managing these objections means your website visitors will become brand confident customers.

Search Engine Optimized

Investigating common questions that people ask and answering these questions in our copywriting is critical for SEO success. Your target keywords and phrases get woven in to ensure the right customers click through to your website.

Optimum Placement

We have one goal, and that’s to contrast your business from the competition. We achieve this by using targeted selling points to influence your visitors to choose you over your competitors selling the same goods or services.

Brand Directed

We plunge into your business and get to know your story and your message to your customers. If you haven’t found your brand’s tone yet, we can work with you to find that voice. Setting a brand tone will help you build and boost your image.

Channel Crafting

Pay Per Click advertising, powerful landing pages, or entire websites. We craft compelling copy to drive leads through your sales funnel. Copy with an impact is our specialty.


The English language is a tricky one! So we use cutting-edge grammar tools like Grammarly to ensure all of our copy is perfectly worded & grammatically correct. There will be no stray periods here, I say!



Goal Revision
Existing Review
Competitive Research
Copywriting Plan
Edit & Optimize

Step 1 – Goal Revision

Before a single key gets pressed, we’ll review your brand goals.

Even though the purpose is to make your website more informative to visitors and easier to read, the ultimate goal is to increase conversion or sell more products.

We want to understand your business and marketing goals so that the copy can be hand-crafted to match them.

Step 2 – Existing Review

We’ll evaluate how well the page is written. Conducting the review gives us a snapshot of how well the content is performing.

We look at markers like keywords and keyword phrases and how well the pages rank for these keywords. We also look at the amount of traffic each page receives and the page engagement with things like Call To Actions (CTA).

When the review is complete, we will craft an action plan for your website’s copy.

Step 3 – Competitive Industry Research

It’s imperative to know what your competitors are doing. Knowing this prepares us to create better copy for your business and helps you gain a competitive edge.

We’ll find out what keywords your top competitors are ranking for, and how they drive traffic to their website. We look at things like the style and intent of their copy.

If something’s working well for them, we may follow in their footsteps. On the other hand, if they’re not doing things well, we’ll make a note and let them be. Avoiding their mistakes puts you at an even bigger advantage.

Step 4 – Developing Your New Copywriting Plan

Your goals are clear, and our research is complete. We now start crafting your shiny new website copy.

We’ll highlight which of your website pages need a spruce-up and which ones need recreating. We’ll also come up with a plan to transform low-performing pages will sniper-style copywriting.

In some cases, it could be simple tweaks to existing copy or creating new copy sitewide to turbocharge conversion rates. Finally, we’ll finalize the keywords that we’ll be targeting with the new website copy. If the website is a complete rebuild, then we’ll plan the new pages at this point.

Step 5 – Edit, Upload & Optimize

Our expert copywriting architects will get to work! We’ll start crafting superb copy and produce something unique. We’ll use the keywords, persuasive language, and delivery tone that suits your brand perfectly. Your brand will come to life with our premium copy.

From here, it moves over to editorial, where routine grammar checks & finishing touches get performed.

With your copy complete & signed off by our Editors, it’s over to you for approval. When you’re happy, we’re delighted! We’ll upload the content right away so you can start to see the results.

If it’s not to your liking, we’ll listen & make tweaks until it’s perfect. Once the copy is live, the SEO specialists will perform some additional SEO checks & balances to optimize the fresh copy for search engines.

The final check ensures your copy is readable on desktop and mobile devices.

Step 6 – Achieving Your Goals

Seeing new content live is always exciting. You can now rest easy knowing you’re no longer being held back by outdated copy. What’s even more exciting is seeing the results of our hard work and the trust you placed in us.

Copywriting is not an overnight remedy (typically), but with time you’ll see improvement in your rankings, traffic will start to scale, and conversions are taking off.

When you combine our copywriting services with a long-term marketing campaign, we’ll raise the bar higher.


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