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We build backlinks and domain referrals to your website, increasing your traffic and improving SEO performance.

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Drive traffic and improve your website rankings with authoritative link building.
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Authentic and Ethical, High-Quality Link Building.

Link building process can be an effective way to increase your business and touch new audiences when done correctly.

Obtaining links from the right places in front of the right audience can produce excellent results. Link building can get people talking about and engaging with your brand.

Authoritative backlinks that pass Google PageRank can boost your rankings and increase your website’s search engine visibility which helps more people find your business first.


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I thought link building had earned a bad wrap?

That’s because backyard SEO agencies have sold link-building packages as a hack. The truth is, that’s not how it works!

The industry term for this deceptive SEO tactic is called black hat link-building. Black hat tactics use outdated strategies, and the links often get purchased from other websites with a low domain authority (DA) score. Unfortunately, the black hat tactics do your website more harm than good.

Just as high-quality links can boost your page rankings, Google will penalize you for using spammy links, which can sometimes result in Google removing your website from its search results altogether.

The problem; it’s easier to build spammy backlinks than quality ones. This is why many SEO agencies offer a high number of backlinks for such a low price.

Search Engine algorithms have become smarter these days. Therefore, backlink farming doesn’t work anymore.

Authoritative links are effective when they come from relevant sites.

Building quality links takes time, research, and a clear understanding of search engine algorithms.

We Know How to Build Authoritative Links.

Ian Turner Digital takes a unique approach to link-building and depends mainly on our client’s business and target audience.

We have several channels to build links. For example, we may use blogger outreach or create some excellent content that everyone wants to read.

The number of links you receive in a month is not guaranteed. However, we provide a proven, bespoke strategy that results in referrals and authoritative backlinks.

Our number one goal is to improve your website’s search rankings with well-placed links. We never employ black hat tactics and put your business at risk by violating search engine rules.

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We provide you with measurable results across all services we provide to maximize your ROI.

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Bespoke, handcrafted websites designed to engage visitors & convert leads into sales.
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