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Search Engine Optimization. is the process used to increase a website’s visibility within search results when users search for products & services related to your business offerings.

We design effective SEO strategies that get you in front of your target audience. If you need more website traffic, leads & sales, put us to work. Consider us an extension of your business.

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Our SEO strategies generate more traffic, leads & increase your sales

We work with owners and marketing managers to deliver specialized campaigns that perform, deliver results & drive traffic to your website. We have expertise across many niche areas, including lawyers, dentists, bakeries, landscaping, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, restaurants, eCommerce, and many more.

What is SEO?

The acronym SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it’s the process used to increase a website’s visibility within search results when users search for products & services related to your business offerings.

The more visibility website pages have within these search results, the more likely you will grab people’s attention. This process attracts potential customers to your website.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex use “bots” to crawl web pages. The bots travel from website to website and collect information about the pages. Once the information is collected, the bot feeds it back to the search engines, which sort the “index” of pages.

The index is a massive digital storage library organized to provide search engine users relevant information on a specific topic in a short amount of time.

Search engines use algorithms (rules & mathematical calculations) to analyze the indexed pages. The algorithm uses hundreds of signals and ranking factors to decide the pages’ appearance in the search results.

The following are the ten crucial SEO ranking factors:

1) A secure & accessible website; use of SSL

2) Page Speed; how fast your website loads

3) Mobile friendly; does your site display well on mobile devices

4) Domain Age & Authority; 60% of domains ranking in the top 10 search results are older than three years.

5) Optimized Content; keywords & keyword phrases

6) On-page SEO; titles, images & meta descriptions

7) User Experience (Rankbrain); artificial intelligence to rank web pages better.

8) Links; inbound, outbound & internal

9) Social signals; people sharing your content through social media channels.

10) Business Information; Accuracy of Google My Business information.



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We Increase Your Brands Visibility

When trying to increase a brand’s online visibility, medium-sized businesses benefit from SEO and content marketing. New or repurposed content allows your potential customer base to follow the sales funnel.


eCommerce stores can improve the website’s ranking in Google search results and increase organic search traffic by utilizing specialized eCommerce Search Engine Optimization combined with content marketing.

Local Search

Local area businesses such as coffee shops, laundromats, restaurants, and accountants can use local SEO to increase a website’s visibility on Google.


Specifically targeting a local region, city or town will show people in that area the business at the top of local search results for that particular location.


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